Welcome! Unfortunately we have to announce that the regular swing events, once a month on a Sunday, got cancelled. Sorry, no more Sunday swing dances in Berlin Tegel.

Feel very welcome to swing by and stay tune, using facebook.

About us

Capital Swing started 2010 in the capital of Germany. During the first years the events have been established at the Ballhaus Berlin on a non-regular base. 2014-2017 Capital Swing has taken place at several different venues (in Berlin). Since 2017 the new cooperation of Capital Swing & Swing Patrol Berlin is powered by the district counsil of Berlin-Reinickendorf an found a new home, on a steady base. Located at the Lakeside Convention Center Berlin, known as “Tegeler Seeterrassen“, Wilkestr. 1-5, 13507 Berlin. The ballroom “Humboldt Saal” on the 2nd floor (1 Stock) has a fantastic sight and is directly localted at the famous Greenwich Promenade in Berlin’s district Tegel. Perfect for a walk & lunch at the harbour. Dance and live music is every 1st Sunday of the month, starting 3 p.m., 7 EUR for dance crash couse and live music. 


Capital Swing begann 01.2010 im “Ballhaus Berlin” und blieb dort bis 2014. Was woanders nur bei Festivals möglich ist, ist bei uns in der Hauptstadt immer die übliche Grundlage: Tanz Grundkurs und Livemusik. Beim organisatorischen Ablauf zwischen 2010-2017 haben uns vor allem Anja, Maggi und Kalle unterstützt. Volunteers sind prinzipiell immer willkommen. Die grafischen Angelegenheiten lagen oft in der Hand von Encke-Berlin. Unser Haus- und Hof-Fotograph und Filmer ist Doug von Strawfish.

Last Events

FORMER EVENTS and media reports on YouTube: 

featuring Roger Pabst, June 2018

Grosses Alliierten-Fest Berlin, special event, May 2018

featuring Bettina Labeau, March 2018

featuring dance performances of Swing Patrol Berlin, X-Mas special 2017

Dean Martin’s 100th birthday, special shows, June-September 2017

featuring Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys (Australia), July 2014

featuring Big Jay McNeely, special event, October 2013

featuring Bill Haley’s daughter Gina Haley, special event, TV report, Oct. 2012

featuring Jive Park Orchestra, April 2012

Radio Eins podcast , April 2012

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